Over the last few years we have been exploring ways to get involved in the developments going on in the Eastern region of Africa. This ended up in trips to Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania from 2014 to 2016 where we visited several companies involved in the building industry. Some of these contacts have been evolving over the last years into intentional partnerships. During these trips we learned many lessons of importance. The most important one was that Africa has a lot to offer to the Western world in a sense that the social coherence in the communities and the way to do business based on strong relations is a very sustainable way to live and work together.


We hope to be able to make a connection between this African way of collaborating and the European knowledge and experience on technical aspects. By bringing the Dutch attitude of being trustworthy, thorough and precise together with the African ways of building strong relations we are convinced it will work to have long lasting business relations.


The Dutch have always been strong in Town-planning and Urban Development. In the same way we developed a high level in our building qualities. This resulted in the Dutch housing standards that are well known around the world. This is where I believe we could be of interest to you. VDNDP is a company originating from this high quality background and is specialized in the architectural engineering of all kind of building projects. In this field we stand out because of our focus to organize the engineering in a way to provide the most accurate and detailed information needed for building companies. It is our goal to provide this information in a way that it makes building any project more efficient, more accurate, more sustainable, less expensive and still of higher quality. We use 3D information systems to provide this information but we deliver this to the client and to the laborers on the site in a way they all can work with easily. By doing so we make building even more fun for all people involved. After successfully doing this for over 9 years in the Netherlands we believe we are ready to share this with you and others in Africa.


We do not bring along standard solutions but we would like to work together with local companies to realize what is wanted and needed in the African market. Decisions should be made by the client and by the people who need to work and live in the buildings we realize together. We would like to offer our knowledge and experience to support your plans and ideas to work towards a higher level of Education Facilities, Healthcare Centers and Social Housing. In Africa we have partnerships with Esen Builders from Dar es Salaam and with Oubuntu (Architecture Engineering and Project management) from Kampala.


The pictures show a housing-project with ESEN Builders Dar es Salaam for Watumishi Housing Company Tanzania to provide affordable housing with high technical quality. We work with a realistic use of the technological and digital possibilities of the 3D BIM. This means we hook up with our client in what will bring benefits to them and we suggest systems that will be efficient in the collaboration of the whole team involved.


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