Singer Theater
  • Singer Theater

    The Singer theater in Laren has been renovated. VDNDP was asked by KRFT architects to take on the technical development of the DO and technical design, including writing the specification book and managing the project.


    Engineering | Designing | Specifying

    Type of building





    Singer Memorial Foundation 




    4600 m2

    Start - completion

    2013 - 2017

    VDNDP Project Manager

    Don van Dasler

    About Singer Theater

    The Singer Theater is attached to the villa that houses the Singer museum. A number of interventions have been made in that as well. The design was worked out by us in Revit. Upon request, we also supported the contractor IBB Kondor with the execution-ready design and the execution phase. This made VDNDP the constant factor in the process and knowledge and information were perfectly secured. 

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    In several areas, we worked well with other stakeholders for the Singer Theater project, including KRFT architects.

    "KRFT architects has had good experiences working with VDNDP. In the current market it is very pleasant to cooperate with a party that has a lot of experience in working on complex assignments. There is broad knowledge in the company that can be flexibly deployed. Moreover, that knowledge is well deployed to ultimately translate the architectural concept into a realizable project. In short, we are very satisfied with the pleasant and successful collaborations we have had so far and hopefully many more will follow in the future."

    Oscar Vos - KRFT Architects published an extensive article on the renovation of the Singer Theater in Laren.

    Our collaborators
    for this project:


    KRFT architects

    Project Management

    Dutch Light


    Van Rossum consulting engineers


    Unica installation technology


    Lisoba Beheer bv

    Building Physics

    LBP Sight

    Theater installations

    Royal Haskoning DHV Netherlands

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