VDNDP is an architectural firm with a strong focus on integrality. We design, engineer and specify. For us it is not either-or, but and-and. Because we believe in the power of connection and cross-pollination, we can often take projects just that little bit further. After all, where there is expertise, there is value.

The integrality loop

Arriving at a well thought-out design is a challenging task. In every project, it is crucial to check at the right moment whether design, advice, Schedule of Requirements (PoR) and budget match each other and whether the risks are manageable. By going through the integration process step by step in combination with the deployment of our expertise, we can get a grip on this together. Together with the design team, the client and other parties involved, we arrive at an integrally coordinated design.



The architect who designs a building creates something of value out of nothing. VDNDP specializes in taking this design further, in line with the program of requirements and all applicable regulations. We identify what needs to be secured in the design, to be able to engineer and realise it properly later.


The goal of engineering is to create an integrally adapted design. VDNDP's strength lies in taking projects from rough to precise: we ask the right questions and visualise bottlenecks to arrive at considered decisions, which we translate into a BIM model.


Establishing choices in a design process is key in communication between parties and across phases. A clear assessment framework leads to better decision-making and leaves room for optimization along the way. Specifying for us therefore is equal to: making it fit the task.