Keyword for our office is ‘accuracy’ This goes further than our activities.


Habitat for Humanity

Since our foundation in 2007, we are actively involved in Habitat for Humanity. Since 2015 we are member of the Business Club. Don van Dasler travels one or two times a year as team leader of the build trips.


Professional associations

We are an active member of the professional associations BNA (federation of Dutch architects) and BNB (association of Dutch Specifications Experts). Don van Dasler is member of the BNA team ‘’Technology and regulations’’. In addition, we are an active member of the association of Dutch Specifications Experts (BNB), where Wilma Visser is a board member.


Knowledge sharing
Knowledge sharing is a social opportunity. That’s why we always have room for trainees and why we actively supervise those trainees.



Since 2016, VDNDP sponsors Archikidz in Enschede. We sponsor Archikidz by means of donating and volunteering on the day itself.


We drink Café del Mar’ coffee everyday. By buying this coffee, we support the project in Chiapas (Mexico) with €0,75 per kilo (double the amount of the next best ‘fairtrade’ Max Havelaar-.amount and the multiple of several other Fairtrade concepts). Previously, we’ve supported a project in Tucur, Guatemala. The foundation Solidaridad manages the contributions.



Since June 2017 our office is fully passed on wind energy through supplier Greenchoice.